Christian Davies

Joined 2014

Christian joined the army in 2006 and started basic training in 2007.
He then served with the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME) for 7 years of his career.
In the 7 years of serving with the REME he completed 2 tours of Arfghanistan, Herrick 9 and also Herrick 15.
After serving with the REME for 4 years Christian then attended and completed his All Arms Physical Training Instructor Course (AAPTI) and then finished off his last 3 years as a AAPTI.

“As Centre Manager at the college I enjoy keeping the students as active as possible by getting them involved in energisers and for them to work in a team so it helps them bond with each other. Also it is very rewarding to see students leave the college with a progression into the military knowing that I have used my own experiences to help them better their lives at an early stage of their career.”Christian Davies