Craig Hepburn

Joined 2018

Craig began his army career in 1989, training at Sir John Moore Barracks, Winchester Hants. After passing out Craig’s first posting was with the Second Battalion ‘The Light Infantry’ based in Tidworth, where he joined the Machine Gun platoon. The battalion served in Tidworth for another three years, which in that time two tours of Northern Ireland were completed.

From Tidworth, the battalion moved to Colchester joining 24 Air Mobile Brigade. This was a 6 year posting, carrying out a number of different exercises and completing another two tours of Northern Ireland. In 1996 Craig achieved the rank of Lance Corporal, before relocating to Cyprus for 2 years. This entailed him to carry out security work for high profile buildings and ceremonial duties with the platoon.

In 1998 he was then posted to Edinburgh to carry out ceremonial duties. Whilst posted here he carried out his final tour of Northern Ireland, and also completed exercises in Kenya.
Craig was also promoted during this time to Corporal as a Section Commander. Part of this role was to teach lessons on the different weapon systems used at this time.

In 2002 Craig was deployed to Sierra Leone on a campaign, the duration of this deployment was 5 months. In 2003 Craig moved to Germany and became the Armoured Infantry Battalion, using the Armoured Warrior Vehicle. He was posted there for five years, during this time he completed 2 tours in the Middle East.

From 2008 Craig was posted to ATR Winchester training recruits on a 14 week military training programme. The beginning of the training programme taught how to keep well, physically and mentally. It also taught the values and standards of the British Army. This progressed through to recruits passing out and moving on to phase 2 training.

2009 brought a career change, this led Craig to become a teacher in the Infantry Battle School, Wales. When Craig passed the course he was promoted to Sergeant. His role as a Squad Instructor was to deliver instruction of the regulations of planning, conducting and supervising Life Firing Training. He managed 14 Infantry and All Arms students. He delivered technical information to a constantly high instructional standard, to allow the students to understand and teach back on a 42 week course.

In 2010 he was promoted again to the rank of Staff Sergeant, training officers and senior non-commission officers how to set up and conduct live firing ranges, in order to gain the qualifications for the appropriate battalions. This enabled them to set up live firing ranges fitting to the reality of war.

In 2012 Craig left the British Army with 23 years of colour service.