David Huggins

David joined the Royal Regiment of Wales and started training in July 1995, before joining his unit on operations in Northern Ireland. He then moved to Germany with the unit where they became an Armoured Infantry Bn. They were Stationed there for 7 years during which time he deployed on operations to Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Iraq. He also carried out exercises in Poland and Kenya.

David also represented the Battalion in football taking part in a mini world cup in Holland, and also represented the Battalion in Boxing at Light Heavyweight, David was part of the boxing team that won BAG and Army champions.

David then moved back to Tidworth and again deployed to Iraq on Op Telic 10. David then became a recruiting Sergeant firstly at ACIO Newport and then at the AFCO in Cardiff, where he spent 3 years total during this time worked closely with MPCT.

David is responsible for managing the centre and for supporting the regional operations manager Ronnie.