Huw Sheldon

I joined the army in 2014 and completed 6 years with the Royal Welsh, attaining the rank of Corporal.
I trained as an ETL instructor where I took PT sessions including running and loaded marches.
I have also taught recruits on how to operate, maintain, and use basic radio equipment.
I delivered bespoke communication information and provided support for HQ and company level training and exercise.

I completed basic training at Catterick, where I gained the basic skills of an infantry soldier.
Once I reached battalion, I had the opportunity to drive and command a variety of vehicles, travel to many parts of the world, including Canada, Brunei, Germany and Estonia.
The area that I specialised in was as a communication engineer, where my main focus was on radios and data for vehicles and dismounted troops.
My hobbies and interests include walking the dog and family days out.