Joseph Ward

I have served in uniform continuously since I was 14, first as an Army Cadet and then with the Regular Army for 5 years as a military combat HR specialist, serving with 2PWRR and MOD ABBEY WOOD, before becoming a Reservist with the London Regiment.

In my career I have worked in Kenya, Cyprus, Germany and Italy and taken part in multiple brigade-sized exercises. After leaving the Regulars I worked as a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, where I trained many individuals on a 1-to-1 basis, as well as leading groups in outdoor PT sessions.

My proudest achievements are completing all three Spartan races and then competing in the OCR World Championship charity race in one year. In my spare time I study a degree part-time, enjoy gaming and train myself religiously through the gym, calisthenics, running, swimming and kickboxing.