Luke Seal

Joined 2014

Luke enlisted in the Army in 2005 and joined the Royal Engineers as a Combat Engineer, he then did further training to become a Communications Specialist through his career.

Luke has deployed on many different types of exercises all over the UK and internationally including, Kenya, Cyprus, Jordan, and one operational tour of Afghanistan in 2011 with the Counter-Improvised Explosive Devise Task Force.

Luke spent four years at an Explosive Ordinance Disposal Regiment (EOD) based in Saffron Walden with 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD) where he became a search team 2IC for high risk search. He also boxed at Regimental and Corps level at Light Welter Weight in 2009/2010 for 6 months as a tracksuit soldier, which was absolutely brilliant and one of his best experiences in the Army.

Luke was also fortunate enough to be posted around the UK from Barnstable, Maidstone and Cambridge. He thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Army and would recommend it to anyone who was thinking of joining.

Luke left the Army in December 2013 and became a Personal Trainer, where he worked in Lifestyle Fitness helping clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. He started his own outdoor boot camp business called Full Body Fitness which he held in a local park four nights a week.

January 2014 Luke started working for MPCT as he needed a new challenge in his life.
Working with young people can be challenging at times but it has been extremely rewarding and he is constantly humbled by how these young people conduct themselves and pursue their goals of getting into employment.

Luke enjoys keeping fit by running and going to the gym every day.

“Having spent a year at MPCT Birmingham I can tell you that I like the structure of the daily routine that the college provides for the learners. Taking Physical Training lessons and seeing the progress that all the learners make towards their fitness goals and then seeing them progress into the Military is one of the biggest rewards of the job.”

~Luke Seal