Martin McGinness

Joined 2020

I joined the army as a boy Soldier at Strensall in York in 1983 as a member of the 1st Battalion the Kings Regt, we amalgamated in 2006 into the 2ND Battalion the Duke of Lancasters Regt and I reached the rank of C/Sgt at the end of my 22 year. I was accepted onto the Long Service List in 2007 and left the Army in 2015 finishing my final tour at the British Kiel Yacht Club in North Germany.

During my time I have had several operational tours in NI, and Iraq, my final operational tour was in 2003. I have had several instructional rolls which have taken me as a section commander instructor at Strensall, The Cadet Trg Team in Preston, Phase 2 instructor at ITGIS in Lichfield, and an instructor at the Defence School Of Languages in Beaconsfield, teaching overseas students going to Sandhurst, all of which I enjoyed immensely.

I Have five children and two grandchildren and have been married to my long-suffering wife Robyn for 12 Years, (2 more to make a full football team).

I Enjoy Golf, cricket, football, and Wine. but my real passion is History in particular military History. Since leaving the forces I have had several management roles in the manufacturing industry, and in the service industry, I have worked with care in the community, and as a supply teacher, dealing with secondary schools in Stoke and Stafford, I have enjoyed all roles but never really settled.

When the role with MPCT came up I jumped at the chance, it is everything I am looking for in a role I know I can make a difference.