Michael Toye

Joined 2021

Mike’s life at MPCT started way back in 1999 where he started as a student on the first ever APC (Army Perpetration Course) as it was known then. He couldn’t join the Army at the time as he had a fixed brace on, so Mike then went on to complete the next two courses.

Mike finally passed selection and went to ATC Litchfield for basic training, and then ITC Catterick for second phase training. After Mike passed out of training, he joined up with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers in Northern Ireland for a six month tour.

On return from Ireland he moved barracks from Thernhill to Aldershot. Whilst at Aldershot he did several exercises – Portsmouth, Breacon, Warminster, Salisbury, Kenya, Cyprus and Canada.
Whilst in Canada Mike completed his NCO course to pick up his L/Cpl stripe. After he came back from Canada he spent a couple of months at home training (search, mine sweeping, urban training) and then deployed for a six and a half month tour of Iraq. After he came back from Iraq he spent a few months in camp and then got out due to time served.

Mike started back with MPCT as a volunteer in Cardiff before he was offered the job in Newport. After six months in Newport Mike transferred to Cardiff. After a few years in Cardiff he took the opportunity to go back to Newport, to Raglan barracks, to help set up the new Newport centre.

He was then lucky enough to be given the lead instructor job back at Cardiff (where it all began for him way back in 1999) – this is where you can find him now busy at work.

Mike is very proud & privileged to return to MPCT as an instructor and he really loves his job.