Nicola Gann

Joined 2021

I joined the Army in 2014 at the age of 23 and served for 7 years in the Royal Logistic Corps. Being a keen sportswoman I naturally gravitated towards the regimental sports teams which included power lifting, athletics and swimming. I also competed at corps level in cross country.

My role as a supplier was to mainly support regimental and squadron exercises. I deployed overseas to Canada and the USA to provide logistical support on bigger divisional exercises.

I have always been a big fan of health and fitness and decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer before joining the Army. I found this job very rewarding as I enjoy helping others achieve their goals. Being in the fitness industry I think it is important to always further your knowledge and with that in mind I am currently studying towards my advanced Personal Training certificates.

Music is another passion of mine and if I’m not listening to it then I’m usually found singing out loud although I’m no Ariana Grande!