Richard Fell

Joined 2021

I joined the Army is September 2006 and served 9 years in the Royal Engineers as a C3S operator. I served in Hohne Germany for the first 5 years of my service, where I deployed on major exercises to Kenya, Canada and Jordon.

I deployed on two operational tours to Iraq on telic 12 and to Afghanistan on Herrick 14. I Deployed to Iraq in 2008 where I was part of one of the Royal Engineer search teams, our main role was to search for improvised explosive devices, search areas, buildings and also on vehicle check points. Shortly after my tour of Iraq I was loaded onto my regiment’s cadre.

After successfully passing my JNCO cadre I was soon promoted to LCpl. 2012 saw the year I deployed to Afghanistan on Herrick 14, I had lots of roles in Afghanistan, one being the driver and signals commander for the OC and Squadron Sgt Major, where we supported the armored support group. The other was 2ic Shift commander in the Operations room back at camp Bastion.

Shortly after returning back from Afghanistan, it was my time to be posted back to the UK in Ripon North Yorkshire. Always been highly passionate about fitness and the human body, it was there when I decided to do my AAPTI course. After successfully passing and delivering training to my squadron and coaching to the civilian population I decided it was something I wanted to do full time, at a deeper level and not have distractions from the Army, I decided I wanted a career change and left the Army in 2015.

My biggest achievements were promoting to LCpl, and deploying on two successful tours of duty. One of the most rewarding achievements in sports was representing the Royal engineers at snowboarding, my regiment at football golf and weightlifting.

Upon leaving the army I obtained qualifications in level 3 personal training and sports massage. Straight away my passion for coaching and training young adults drew my attention to the job role sports services instructor, where I worked as a civilian PTI for 6 years at the Harrogate foundation college. In this time, alongside day-to-day delivery of the army training syllabus I coached boxing and weight training to junior soldiers in the evenings, to help them towards their Duke of Edinburgh qualification.

My main passion outside of work is Weight training. I participate in bodybuilding competitions at a good armature level, in the men’s physique class. In January 2021 I completed my level 4 in Spots Massage Therapy, since then I have started my own massage and basic rehabilitation brand which I try and do as much as I can outside of work.