Roshan Poudel

Joined: 2013

Roshan started with the company on the 3rd of December 2013. He has had a successful progression within the organisation, progressing from a learner to a Centre Manager, before being appointed Regional Operations Manager for London in Spring 2022.

Roshan started working for the company as an Apprentice Instructor in 2013 after spending few months in the programme as a learner. His roles and responsibilities were to assist the Physical training Instructors with the delivery of Physical Training in the course. Whilst doing this, Roshan had the opportunity to develop and gain further qualifications on Physical training. It was at this role that Roshan found his passion for Teaching and Learning and his passion was encouraged by the Grade 1 achieved on Ofsted inspection. He did this for 6 months until he was appointed as a fulltime Schools Instructor.

Roshan spent 2 years as a fulltime Schools Instructor for the Schools programme in Farnborough. His roles and responsibilities consisted of liaising with local schools and community to reengage 13-16 year old’s back to education. He did this by going into schools and local authority to find disengaged students with the secondary education sector. He then brought them in to MPCT 1-5 days a week and delivered his own programme. These young individuals were introduced to regular Physical Training, Math and English and Public Services Qualification. The structure of the programme helped these young individuals with discipline and personal skills & qualities. The programme helped school learners reengage with education and the results when they returned to school were astonishing. Roshan started the MPCT School programme in England. The programme later expanded across England and by the end of the second year, Roshan had the biggest Schools provision in England with approximately 25 learners. This role helped Roshan establish a professional relationship with the local community, schools and education authority. He did this until he was appointed as a Fulltime Instructor for the College Programme.

Roshan worked as a Section Instructor for Military Preparation College for 3 years. His role consisted of helping and supporting young adults with qualifications, fitness and personal skills & qualities in order to succeed into the Military and other Employment. Throughout this time he helped many overcome personal barriers and move on to positive progression. He was regularly taking lessons and delivering Physical Training sessions at the college and has helped many new Staff in his college and other colleges within the region. Roshan did this until he was appointed as the Lead Instructor for Military Preparation College Aldershot.

Roshan started his role as the Lead Instructor at Military Preparation College at Aldershot on the 06/09/2019. He was then promoted within the first 6 months to a Centre Manager after exceeding set targets as per the Key Performance Indicators. Roshan has had a successful career within the company, helping hundreds progress into the Military and other Employment and his aspirations are to help thousands more.

In his free time Roshan likes to take part in Adventure training and sports. He is also currently serving for the British Army in the Reserves.