Samuel Harvey

Joined 2021

Hi, I’m Sam, employed as a training instructor in Haverfordwest wales. I joined the army at 18 as an infantry man in the welsh guards. After 6 years service and 1 tour I joined the royal welsh and spent 2 years there before finishing as a plant operator in the royal engineers.

Reaching a rank of Cpl and acting PLT Sgt I was responsible for a lot of training and was selected to run MATT training across the battalion. During this time I quickly realised I had a passion for teaching and got myself qualified in as much as I could as quickly as I could.

After leaving the army coronavirus hit full swing and I worked in security whilst chasing a career with MPCT. I have been completing my level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal trainers course whilst working and am looking forward to passing on my knowledge of both fitness and military to younger people. In my spare time I coach an under 9’s football team and am looking to start another under 7’s team.

When the opportunity to motivate and inspire young people in my area came up I jumped at the chance and am hoping for a long and challenging career with the MPCT.