Sarah Hulme

Joined 2019

Sarah previously served six and a half years in the Navy as an Operator Mechanic (Above Water). Served on Type 22 Frigates predominately based in Plymouth. She then went from the Navy to civilian life where she applied for the RAF (the navy refused my request to transfer) and the Prison Service. Took the offer from the RAF, completed basic training, went to PT School at RAF Cosford where Sarah decided she wasn’t getting any younger & needed to put some roots down! Coincidentally, after being placed on a waiting list, a week after leaving Sarah had a call to join HMP Featherstone. She then spent seven & a half years as a Prison Officer with male adult prisoners. Sarah then went on to work with challenging children an education environment as well as residential care.

Previously represented the RN at football & hockey, Sarah also established the first ever Prison Service Women’s hockey team. She loves high intensity workouts and have previously ran an outdoor bootcamp.

“When I saw the advert for MPCT I thought it was my dream job!
The positivity is evident & I hope my past experience is going to have a positive impact on the learners I’ll be teaching. I am delighted to be joining the team!”

~Sarah Hulme