Sophie Spowart

Joined 2021

My early years were spent growing up in Spain where I attended Spanish state primary and secondary schools leading to me now being able to speak, read and write in fluent Spanish.

I have always enjoyed a more hands on approach to learning and being outdoors, so I returned to the UK in 2011 at the age of 17 to begin my British Army career by passing out of basic training at the Army Foundation College Winchester. I joined the Royal Logistic Corps with 17 Port and Maritime Regiment becoming my home unit.

In 2013 we deployed on Op Tosca, a joint force peacekeeping operation with the United Nations deployed on the buffer zone in Cyprus. I was a awarded a Force Commanders Commendation of Excellence for my hard work and effort on this deployment and although I am terrified of heights, it was during a 2-week Adventure Training course on this tour, I had my first taste of skydiving. I was instantly hooked with the adrenaline and excitement of the sport and attended the drop zone at every opportunity, eventually earning myself a skydiving license.

Once I returned from Cyprus, I was seconded to work with the Royal Logistic Corps parachute display team, The Silver Stars. This became my full-time role, when not practicing for demo events I took charge of all admin and ground control duties for the team. I then progressed further and eventually became a full time Adventure Training Instructor based out of the Joint Service Parachute Centre in Netheravon. My time as part of the Adventure Training Group in the British Army took me all over the world completing skydives in the UK, Cyprus, Germany and even California in the USA.

I left service in 2017 to further travel the world and pursue adventures beyond the military. My days are now filled with mountain biking and trail running with my best friend Sid the adventure dog and studying for my BSc (Hons) degree in Sports, Fitness and Coaching.