Stephen Gemine

I joined HM Intelligence Corps in 2007. I served 13 years regular service, enjoying postings in Germany, West Wales, Northern Ireland and Northern England. My trade skill encompassed Operational Intelligence, Counter Intelligence and Security, Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare and, Materiel, Personnel Exploitation (Weapons Intelligence).

I put these skills to the test on three operational tours, Herrick 19 with 14 Signal Regiment (EW), Shader 5 with 2 Mercian’s and Blanca 2 with Task Force 6.

Outside my trade craft I also gained a number of instructional qualification such as AAPTI and AABDI; as well as numerous Adventurous Training qualifications, which also opened the door to an 18 month attachment to the AT Wing (Castlemartin). It was there, I solidified my love of teaching, even gaining a level 3 in Education and Higher Learning.

I transferred to B Company (Rorkes Drift) 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh Reserve in 2020, and have since gained further qualifications in Counter CBRN and range instruction.

I believe knowledge is important; and if passed on correctly can inspire those who come next to do and achieve great things.