Steve Trewinnard

Joined 2020

Steve served in the Army for 25 years and left as a WO2 in the Infantry (2PWRR). He really enjoyed his time in the forces and served in a variety of theatres to include Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

During his time in active duty, Steve was posted to train recruits at the Army Foundation College based at Harrogate for 2 years which was his favourite posting of his career. Also, he was posted as a Fire Support Group Instructor based in Warminster teaching various ranks from Lance Corporals to Captains on the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures currently used.

The highlight of Steve’s career was serving with the SBS in Afghanistan for 6 months as their RQMS in which he was responsible for their re-supplies by either air or land further forward than that of conventional forces. This was a good insight to their role and how different they operate to the Army.

After Steve left the Army, he was a Maritime Security Team Leader for Ambrey Risk in which he was responsible for high valued commercial ships transiting through the Piracy High Risk Area. This was a demanding job but an enjoyable one. However, this also meant time away again from his wife and after a year and half left this for a more stable home life.

Steve joined MPCT Gloucester in 2015 as Lead Training Instructor. Recently promoted to Centre Manager at Plymouth, Steve enjoys all types of fitness and love teaching and seeing the learner achieve success. Working for MPCT allows Steve to give something back to those who wish to join the forces and allows individuals to prepare properly to achieve their success.

Steve is married to his wife, Vicky, and they have one son Ethan, who is 5 years old. He keeps them on their toes! They enjoy life in Devon with the beautiful beaches and great outdoors.