Terry Carmichael

Joined 2018

Terry served with the Royal Marines for just over four years. His initial draft was at HMNB Clyde in Faslane, Scotland as part of the security for Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

He deployed to Iraq in 2011 as part of the security team protecting the Royal Navy and USMC, working within the Iraqi Naval Base in Umm Qasr.

After returning to Britain, he enrolled onto a Signaller’s course at CTCRM, and was drafted to 42 Commando, Bickleigh Barracks, Dartmoor.

While there Terry took part in two joint training exercises in America with the USMC and French Canadian marines.

After leaving the Corps, he spent five years working as a builder for his family business in the south of England.

While working as a builder, he studied evenings and weekends to gain his level 2 fitness instructor, and level 3 personal trainer qualifications.
He has also completed 4 qualifications with the UK strength and conditioning association in Twickenham.

Terry has a keen interest in physical training and spends a lot of my free time in the gym.