Tom Biddlestone

On leaving school, I joined the Army at the age of 16 in 2001 and attended Army Foundation College Harrogate. I served 10 years in the Household Cavalry rising to the rank of Lance Corporal of Horse (LCoH). I deployed on operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in several roles including CVRT (combat vehicle reconnaissance tracked) driver, gunner on various weapons platforms, and a crew commander on CVRT, Jackal and Panther.

I left the regular Army in 2011 to focus on my family life. However, I realised that I missed the camaraderie and challenge that the military provided. I rejoined the Army reserve in 2015, joining The Royal Yeomanry as a Corporal. I have completed several instructor courses during this time including drill, skill at arms, LFTT RMQ (life fire tactical training range management qualification), urban operations, CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) and CEO (counter explosive ordinance).

I mobilised and deployed on Op Cabrit in Poland as a troop sergeant in 2020/2021. This was a very rewarding tour for me, whereby I was responsible for the welfare and discipline of a troop and the management of all the kit that enabled us to do our job effectively.

I also manage the RY shooting team. We have been lucky enough to win best reserve team in the brigade for the 4 years that I have entered.

I am a keen footballer and manage the RY football team. We train most Thursday evenings, which helps build unit cohesion as well as improving fitness at the same time. I have represented the RY on an international level playing in France to celebrate the Normandy 75 celebrations.

In my personal life I am a father of three children, Hollie aged 15, Alex aged 6 and Emilia aged 3 weeks. I also have a Springer Spaniel, Juno, who keeps us all on our toes daily!