Men still make up 88% of the Armed Forces

There are a huge variety of roles in the Armed Forces, all of which are open to women, where you can expect equal pay, equal opportunities and equal expectations. Develop confidence, travel the world and enjoy sport and fitness in a career full of variety and opportunities.

The drive to up the number of women currently serving in the Armed Forces could be the answer to help have a positive impact on recruitment numbers.

MPCT’s academies are designed to give young people the experience of learning in a real-life military environment. The MPCT curriculum has been designed to develop their physical fitness, essential skills and self-confidence to ensure their success in their futures in the Armed Forces. Training like this, day in day out is what might allow women to succeed in the Armed Forces.

Take the next step to a career in the Armed Forces

50% physical and 50% academic training. Our roll-on roll-off course means you can join today!

Whilst studying at MPCT, you may be entitled to financial support. You may be eligible for a training bursary or allowance depending on eligibility.

No qualifications are needed to start the course. We will make sure that you work at a level that is suitable for you.

You will gain lots of useful military skills, knowledge and fitness which will prepare you for each stage of your application. You’ll even wear a military-based uniform whilst with us.

“Even though I did well in my GCSEs, I hated school, it really stressed me out, there were days when I struggled to get out of bed and go in. It wasn’t easy to think about my future career. At home it was just me and my mum. So when I told her about going down the military route she was quite sceptical but eventually came round to the idea because of the future job security and income it could offer me.

When I was younger I had amenia and I felt really let down by my body. The early days at MPCT were quite daunting, having to match the men in the physicals. But instructors have supported me to improve and I have took up boxing to give myself a better chance.”

Seren, MPCT Cardiff Academy


How do I join MPCT?

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