Motivation & Learning Trust

Registered charity number 1155810

The Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT) has been actively engaged in the enhancement of life chances for young people for over seventeen years. The success of the education and training strategies employed by MPCT have made an enormous difference to young people who may not have found their way easily into adulthood, employment and as a contributing member of society. It is apparent that a significant number of young people who enrol on the MPCT programme need additional financial and resource assistance in order to help meet their potential. Quite simply the motivation, support and encouragement they receive at MPCT is not always mirrored at home.

The formation of the Motivation & Learning Trust (MLT) young people’s charity is designed to meet this need. MLT will take a proactive and decisive role in ensuring that young people within the MPCT family who need assistance get it. In exceptional circumstances the trustees will consider the needs of young people outside of this. Click below to find out more on what we do!

MLT Information Booklet