MPC Bridgend send parcels to ex-learners stationed in Afghanistan

16th July 2018

Learners from Military Preparation College Bridgend have been putting together shoe boxes full of MPCT apparel and some British snacks to send out to our ex-learners who are currently deployed in Afghanistan. Our ex-learners are now part of the highly prestigious Welsh Guards and are part of the mission from the UK government and NATO to bring stability and security to the people of Afghanistan. Current learners have also written some words of support to the troops, some stating how inspirational they are to current MPCT learners as they can clearly see what MPCT can do for a learner!

Boxes have already been sent to ex-learners Sam Davies, Alex Green and Cory O’Connor, and we are very much looking forward to hearing from them when they’ve received the packages. We are immensely proud of them and are keenly watching their journeys unfold!

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