MPCT Incentive for GCSE Learners

28th May 2018


Time to revise GCSE learners…….

MPCT have taken the decision to reward learners with a £100 bonus for a grade 4 or above in each of the subject areas.

No excuses, use your time wisely over the half term break and put in that extra effort to improve your chances of passing.

  1. Start revising early.
  2. Don’t spend ages making your notes look pretty.
  3. Take short breaks.
  4. Use revision guides.
  5. Sleep on your exam notes.
  6. Stick revision notes all around your house.
  7. Get yourself drinks and snacks.
  8. Give yourself the best chance of success.
  9. Make yourself proud.
  10. Walk away with the bonus – you have earnt it!
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