MPCT Signs Historic Memorandum of Understanding with Highbury College

18th May 2021

MPCT has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Highbury College to establish a working relationship. This MOU, signed by Huw Lewis MBE, MPCT CEO and Penny Wycherley, Interim Principal and CEO of Highbury College, has been established with the aim of improving the opportunities of young people in Portsmouth to ensure they are set-up for life with the best skills and teaching available to them.

This historic MOU is a momentous occasion for both parties as this is one of the first of its kind to be signed between MPCT and an FE college. This agreement will mean that, by working together, many more young people will be supported, nurtured and educated, allowing them to achieve their ambitions in life.

“I’m delighted to be signing this MOU with MPCT. It is a symbol of our strong and developing partnership with our combined commitment to the future of the young people of Portsmouth. This opportunity to work together with high-quality teaching and support to raise aspirations and individual growth.  We very much look forward to further building upon our relationships with MPCT and the armed forces to serve the community of Portsmouth.”

Penny Wycherley, Interim Principal and CEO of Highbury College
Capt. Pete Viney, Head of Recruiting and Attraction, Royal Navy

The signing event, which was held in-line with all COVID-19 restrictions, was attended by VIP guests Lisa Giles, Director, Centre for Industry Engagement, Pearson College London and Capt. Pete Viney, Head of Recruiting and Attraction, Royal Navy, who said a few words at the event as well as engaging with four learners from both MPC Portsmouth and Highbury College who were chosen to attend the event as ambassadors for each college.

Also in attendance from MPCT was Huw Moores, Director of Partnership Development, and from Highbury College, Pat Denham OBE, Vice Principal, Learning and Quality, Tess Cole, Community Learning, Sarah Warren, Executive Director Quality & Professional Development, Chris Stead – Public Services College Lecturer and Frances Birkett – PR & Comms Officer.

Huw Lewis MBE, CEO of MPCT, commented on the momentous occasion;

“I am delighted to announce that MPCT will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Highbury College in order to strengthen our partnership.

Central to this partnership, is that many more young people of Portsmouth will benefit by receiving the enhanced learning opportunities offered to them.  These opportunities will enable the students to flourish, achieve their ambitions and become better citizens.

I would like to thank Highbury College for their professionalism and energy that they demonstrated in order to make the signing of the MOU a reality.

Together, with vison and passion, I am looking forward to developing our partnership.”

Huw Lewis MBE, CEO of MPCT
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