Joseph Ward

I have served in uniform continuously since I was 14, first as an Army Cadet and then with the Regular Army for 5 years as a military combat HR specialist, serving with 2PWRR and MOD ABBEY WOOD, before becoming a Reservist with the London Regiment. In my career I have worked in Kenya, Cyprus, Germany

Huw Sheldon

I joined the army in 2014 and completed 6 years with the Royal Welsh, attaining the rank of Corporal.I trained as an ETL instructor where I took PT sessions including running and loaded marches.I have also taught recruits on how to operate, maintain, and use basic radio equipment.I delivered bespoke communication information and provided support

Jack Waldron

Joined August 2021 I joined the army in December 2014 at 17 years of age after passing the CIC (Combatmans infantry course), serving 7 years in The Mercian Regiment. During that time, I completed my AAPTI course, I completed my NCO Course and RIGS course (gunnery instructor). The last two years I have spent as

David Huggins

David joined the Royal Regiment of Wales and started training in July 1995, before joining his unit on operations in Northern Ireland. He then moved to Germany with the unit where they became an Armoured Infantry Bn. They were Stationed there for 7 years during which time he deployed on operations to Northern Ireland, Kosovo