David Huggins

David joined the Royal Regiment of Wales and started training in July 1995, before joining his unit on operations in Northern Ireland. He then moved to Germany with the unit where they became an Armoured Infantry Bn. They were Stationed there for 7 years during which time he deployed on operations to Northern Ireland, Kosovo

Stephen Gemine

I joined HM Intelligence Corps in 2007. I served 13 years regular service, enjoying postings in Germany, West Wales, Northern Ireland and Northern England. My trade skill encompassed Operational Intelligence, Counter Intelligence and Security, Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare and, Materiel, Personnel Exploitation (Weapons Intelligence). I put these skills to the test on three operational

Scott Elder

I was born in Belfast N Ireland and after leaving school became an Apprentice Diesel Mechanic. At twenty I decided to join the Army as my Grandfather and Father where both Military. I joined the Royal Irish Regiment in 1996, doing Phase1Training in St Patrick’s Barracks followed by ITC Catterick for the Combat Infantry Course.

Dale Sumner

Joined 2021 I enlisted in the British Army in 2007 with The Corps of Royal Engineers, enjoying a very challenging but equally rewarding 13 year career. Over that time I served in 4 different field units and 1 Army Training Centre as an instructor for adult entry soldiers. I have completed several tours around the

Diane Jones

Joined 2008 Diane joined APCymru in January 2008 as the Administrator for both North Wales colleges. She has a vast experience of administration within the education sector and has recently qualified as an Essential Skills Tutor and is currently on the second year of a Cert Ed course. The experiences and the knowledge she has

Ian Sanger

Joined 2012 Ian has a long history of service, serving as a Junior Soldier at 15 and then in the Welsh Guards for 26 years. Ian was born and bred in Wrexham, enjoys Rugby and is the coach of Wrexham Rugby Club. “As a Lead instructor, I love to see the learner transformation from their

Sam Powell

Joined 2020 I joined the company in 2020 and have loved taking on this new role as it’s the perfect balance of military and civilian life. Having served in the army for 6 years as a part of the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards and transferred to the Royal Yeomanry Reserve Unit where I still maintain

Charles Weaver

Joined 2019 After leaving school Charles attended College, Gaining his Level 3 in Adventure Sports. Following this he worked as an Activity Instructor. Charles then joined the British Army and served within the 1st Bn Welsh Guards, completing various exercises and an operational tour of Afghanistan. Whilst in the last year of his Army Service

Tom Biddlestone

On leaving school, I joined the Army at the age of 16 in 2001 and attended Army Foundation College Harrogate. I served 10 years in the Household Cavalry rising to the rank of Lance Corporal of Horse (LCoH). I deployed on operations in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in several roles including CVRT (combat vehicle reconnaissance