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Spotlight on an inspirational learner from MPCT Southampton

We continue our spotlight on our fantastic learners.  This week we shine the light on Brandon Blyth-Hooper who joined  MPCT Southampton on the 16th May 2017.

Here is his case study.

Hometown: Southampton
I enjoy pursuing my fitness by running and performing my own circuits at home,as well as researching different training programs and nutrition. I will often spend time with friends, but will also spend my free time writing and I am soon to start learning Korean, out of personal interest. Before I joined the college I kept to myself a lot and didn’t do a whole lot, but since joining I’ve had the confidence to go out more and make more friends as well as having the motivation to learn more in my free time.

I came to MPCT to improve my fitness, confidence and my state of mind all with an aim of getting into the Royal Navy, although this is still an option I am now looking at doing a Physical Training Instructor Course and have made an application to Solent University, where I will be spending four years studying personal fitness and training as well as joining the Rugby and Boxing teams. Benefits of attending MPCT: When I first joined the college in May 2017 I was in a bad place and didn’t have much in the ways of aspirations, motivation, or confidence. Since joining I’ve had a dramatic change and never find a moment where I don’t want to do something
or be helping someone else with something.
On my first day here at MPCT Southampton I was very nervous and scared as it was a new environment for me, where I would have to make new friends. I was very quiet for the first couple of months, people only started to notice me when we did PT on runs and circuits. I was very weak when I started and now having been here 10 months I am a lot stronger, faster and fitter. MPCT has helped me
improve my confidence and made me mentally stronger. I’ve made so many new friends and am able to speak to almost anyone with utmost confidence.
When I was just at school I always had anger issues but since I have been attending MPCT I am a lot calmer and can control my temper better. My free time is no longer spent doing nothing, but is rather filled with me pursuing my fitness either through action or by learning, or pursuing my other hobbies which including spending time with friends

Reasons to recommend MPCT to other young people:
I would recommend MPCT to others as it provides a great environment for improving fitness, confidence and academic qualifications. Is been great for me and I enjoy every week and always find myself improving in every way. The opportunities that the college provides are something that you will only find once in a life time and I would recommend it to anyone from any walk of life with any aspiration, just because of the experience and benefits. I will recommend my own children to attend at some point in the future most definitely.

Instructor Comments:
Brandon made the hardest decision by approaching us for a place at our college, From that point forward he has not looked back. He attends every day with a positive can do attitude and always gives 100% and he has seen the rewards because of this. Not only has he lost weight, his fitness has improved which has led to a much healthier lifestyle and all of this has given him much greater confidence to face everyday situations. Although he has put his Royal Navy application on hold for now he is looking to become a Fitness Instructor and already applying for courses, this is something that 6 months ago was not even an option. Well done Hoops this is a great achievement and credit to yourself, your family and our College.

Suffice to say, the whole of MPCT would like to congratulate Mr Hooper on his progression.

The Military Preparation College and the Sports and Exercise College welcomes applications and enquiries from both prospective students and parents and guardians. Open days are held every Thursday . Those interested in finding out more can visit or call 0330 111 3939.

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